Ankahee - Official Music Video | Bandey

Ankahee - Official Music Video | Bandey

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Band Name: BANDEY

Band Members:
Vocal: Siddheswar Laik (Sidhu)
Guitars (Acoustic & Electric) & Backing Vocal: Sagar Chatterjee (Sagar)
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocal: Subhadeep Saha (Sunny)
Drums: Pratip Ghosh (Deep)

Composer & Songwriter: Siddheswar Laik
Arranger/Programmer: Sagar Chatterjee

Cast: Anmarry Tom, Pooja Sarkar (Pupe), Siddheswar Laik (Sidhu), Sagar Chatterjee (Sagar), Subhadeep Saha (Sunny) & Pratip Ghosh (Deep)

Audio Production:
Song Recording: Tamal Kanti Halder
Vocal & Acoustic Guitar Recording: Gaurav
Mixing and Mastering: Samik Guha Roy
Studio Partner: Muzik House Studio & Note2Note

Video Production: SS Cameragraphy
Direction, DOP, Edit, CC and Drone: Suvojit Sarkar
Cinematography: Chandan Kumar Biswas & Dipankar Das
MUA & Hair Styling: Ayantika Basak & Anup Das
Jewellery Partner: LoveUrStyle
Production Control: Abhishu Biswas

Special Thanks: Apurba Das, Avirup Das (Bunty), Timir Biswas, Chayan Chakraborty & West Bengal Police

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